Broward County Public Schools Announces $726,500
Florida Teacher Quality Grant AwardJuly 2009—June 2011
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Broward County Public Schools and the Broward County Higher Educational Consortium has received funding through the Florida Teacher Quality Grant to design, develop, and deliver Broward’s Next Generation Mathematics and Science (NGMS) Program.
Broward’s Next Generation Mathematics and Science (NGMS) Program
Broward County Public Schools, in partnership with the Broward Educational Consortium comprised of Barry University, Broward College, Florida Atlantic University, and Nova Southeastern University, and with support of the Broward Education Foundation, proposes to design, develop, and deliver research-based face-to-face and online professional development modules to improve teacher content knowledge and pedagogical skills in the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) of Mathematics and Science. Through the Next Generation Mathematics and Science Program, Broward teachers will be able to identify the necessary skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, collaboration and communication for students to effectively compete in this global economy.
Higher Education Partners

Barry University (July 2009-June 2010)
Broward College
Florida Atlantic University
Nova Southeastern University

The project has a three-fold purpose in assisting prospective teachers and current teachers to gain access to professional development that is research-based, high quality, and of rigorous content specific to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) core academic areas of Mathematics and Science.
1) Increase collaboration between institutions of higher education and their district partner to provide improvements in higher education’s teacher preparation programs (traditional and alternative routes) that would place greater emphasis on integrating current technology into college/university classrooms that align to the technology being used in K-12 Broward classrooms.
2) Enhance collaboration between the district and its higher education partners to identify and design additional core content professional training for teachers of mathematics and the sciences to enhance their subject area content knowledge to better teach mathematics and the sciences to 21st century students.
3) Design relevant district professional development and advanced academic programs at the university level that are co-developed and co-delivered by high performing district personnel and high performing college and university faculty.
  • Enhance collaboration between the District and IHE to identify and design mathematics and science professional development for teachers to support the implementation of the NGSSS.
  • Increase collaboration between the District and IHE partners to improve and align University teacher preparation programs (traditional and alternative routes) with the content and pedagogy to be used in Broward’s NGMS Program
  • Increase understanding of the Mathematics and Science NGSSS and the implication of these Standards for Mathematics and Science instruction and achievement.
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of Mathematics and Science teachers to implement instruction that leads to effective student learning.
  • Build the capacity to support the implementation of the new Mathematics and Science NGSSSS through sustained Professional Development of a cadre of teacher leaders who can support and sustain the implementation the Standards in their schools.
The project includes four components:
· Subject Matter Knowledge: The professional development modules will focus on enhancing and growing conceptual understanding of subject area teachers and what they are expected to teach. Each of the professional development courses will focus on subject area core content for the particular grade cluster (e.g. 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) from an advanced standpoint based on an examination of the Next Generation Mathematics/Science (M/S) Standards. A departmental approach (including the elementary level) to the subject areas will be utilized to group teachers and to identify the focus areas of the professional development.
Content Area: Mathematics
Content Area: Science
Grades 3-5
PD Focus: Algebra Concepts
Grades 3-5
PD Focus: Physical Science
Grades 6-8
PD Focus: Algebra I/ Geometry I
Grades 6-8
PD Focus: Physical Science
Grades 9-12
PD Focus: Algebra II/Geometry II
Grades 9-12
PD Focus: Biology/Chemistry/Physics
· Subject-Specific Pedagogy: The new M/S standards provide a rich context for deep exploration of subject matter. To help teachers view their role in the classroom differently, the program will provide model instructional practices using the latest classroom technologies being used in Broward County (e.g. GeoGebra software, interactive whiteboardss, hand-held responder units) that will actively engage teachers in the learning content at an advanced level. The program will infuse the pedagogy used to teach the content and the related theoretical perspectives with advanced technological teaching methods based on research of how students think and learn particular content. Teachers will be engaged in thinking differently about how they teach students, how students may provide evidence of their understanding, and how technology can support deeper student learning.
· Advancement in Certification: Through professional development, the program will further enhance the knowledge of these highly qualified teachers and help to advance their certification levels. For example, after completing the professional development modules, these already highly qualified mathematics teachers certified in grades 6-8 will take the Subject Area Exam to become certified in grades 6-12. The program will provide reimbursement for certification test fees for those participants desiring to advance their certification. In addition, the District offers (through the Teaching and Leadership Center) additional assistance to teachers for subject area preparation in mathematics 5-9, 6-12; Science 5-9.
· Leadership: The program will prepare participants to serve as Next Generation Facilitators to serve as Teachers of Teachers at their school and serve as NGSSS trainers for the District. Participants’ classrooms will be utilized as a model for the school where the participant will share their experience and new knowledge with other teachers at the school and potentially their Innovation Zone. In addition, the knowledge, skills, and performance competencies demonstrated by participants will afford them the opportunity to engage in the District’s Teachers as Leaders Program.
LINK to FL DOE announcing those that have been funded through the Florida Teacher Quality Grants Program
The following agencies were awarded funding through the Florida Teacher Quality Grants Program:

  • Broward County School District
  • Florida State University
  • University of West Florida
  • Jacksonville University
  • University of Central Florida
  • Hillsborough County School District
  • Escambia County School District
* University of Tampa
All funded projects follow an intensive and sustained instructional format that focuses on the learning and teaching of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards concepts using an activity-based, problem-solving approach.